What are the Indian handicraft items are high in demand?

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What are the Indian handicraft items are high in demand?

Blue pottery happens to be one of most popular Indian handicraft items. The name blue pottery comes from the blue dye, an eye-catching one it must be added, that is used in order to color the pots. This is a traditional art that owes its origins to Jaipur in Rajasthan. It started during the 19th century and Mughals could be credited for its usage as such. Products in this category are made by using natural substances such as quartz stone powder, borax, powdered glass, gum, Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth), and water. Clay is not used in these cases. There are plenty of authentic products available on the internet these days.

The products that you see in this regard on the online sellers’ sites are also genuine ones that have been made by professionals from Jaipur who are properly trained in this particular art form. As such they can be called masters of blue pottery. Apart from being used as decorative showpieces they also come in handy for purposes such as gifting. 

Ceramic wall art and décor

The word ceramics comes from Keramikos, a Greek word. The Greek word means potter’s clay or clay in general. This is a 2000 year old art and has been practiced all over the world. Some of the most ancient civilizations in this case include the likes of Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Korean, and Persian to name a few. In fact, ceramics has also been taken up in some modern cultures of the West as such. Clay happens to be the chief ingredient in this particular art.

Ceramic art industry is used to make the following:

  • decor objects
  • decorative wall plates
  • art ware
  • tiles
  • figurines
  • sculpture
  • tableware

The beauty of this art form is that it can be made by a single person as well as several at a time.

Indian handicrafts online

Dhokra art

The process of Dhokra artifacts can be defined as a non-ferrous casting metal where a technique named lost-wax is used. These art products are normally made from alloys that are based in brass and copper. As far as metal art crafts go there is hardly anything prettier than Dhokra. These products have been named after metal-smiths who come from the Dhokra Damar tribes. The tribes are from Bastar in Chhattisgarh. The online products that you see in this category are all genuine ones. They are natural and made in an authentic way. Just like other Dhokra items these figurines, decorative pieces, and art pieces are handmade.

The beauty of being handmade is that they look so different from one another. It is this unique nature that endears them to so many. They also differ from each other in terms of size, weight and intricacies of design. 

Phad painting

If you wish to make the interiors of your home look beautiful it is highly important to have wall paintings that are gorgeous. Most of the online units that sell these paintings do have awe inspiring collections of these paintings and bags as well. As far as bags in this art form are concerned one of the most well known names is Sunil Somani. They come in a wide range of designs and as such would add a hitherto unseen ethnic appeal to your home. There are various themes to choose from in this regard.  

You can choose from paintings of royal figures as well as common people going about their lives. They are available in attractive prints as well. Apart from these the most in demand Indian handicrafts are bamboo and cane products, wooden carvings, and Kantha embroidery cushion cover.

Madhubani Painting

Madhubeni or Mithila Painting originated from a small village known as Maithili of Bihar state. This traditional painting is one of the famous Indian art forms. This art is created by the village women of various communities of Bihar and Nepal. Some people called it Madhubeni art.

Madhubeni paintings are pinted with natural colours like turmeric, cowdung, mud, kusum flower, red sandalwood or rose, Lampblack,.

In modern days people decorate their home with this beautiful handmade art to give an traditional look.

Applique Work

Applique means chandua come to mind, but it is the most popular traditional handmade crafts of odisha Pipili. In previous days Pipili craftsmen make the chandua, banners, fans, and special clothes, for Car festivals which held in Lord Jagganath temple, bags, Purse, Light Lamps etc.

Applique is a ornamental needlework in which basic thread and needle work in which fabrics cut in different shape and size and stuck into a larger fabric to form a different picture and image. In odisha Applique design means to Lord Jagannath, Lord Krishna, Alpana design, Flower design, Peacock etc.


Filigree is an traditional and attractive type of handwork used in silver Jewelery making. In Odisha cuttack is famous for Silver Filigree work. 

Wooden Carving handicrafts

Wooden carving is another important Handicrafts of Odisha. From this wooden the carpenter made the exquisite idols in the temple and life style items.

Every day Lakhs of devotees visit the holy place puri, Lord Jagannath temple. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Goddess Shubhadra made from Neem(Azadirachta indica) tree.

Artist made the wonderful toys, Home decorative products like bird, peacock, Elephant, flower Vase to decor their room.

Horn Craft

This is an ancient and traditional Handicraft form a particular area in odisha for ages. This Lovely craft is specialy made by the tribes of Santhals. Traditionally they made the designs of animals and birds.

Now a days the artisans use the cow and buffalo horn to make more utility items like ashtrays, jewelry and combs, flower vase, Tbale Lamp, Penstand, Whistle etc. Sometimes, horn and silver filigree work are combined to make beautiful handmade Jewellery. The combine Jewellery made in cuttack which is famous for Silver work.

Bamboo and Cane Products


The best international market of exports are countries like USA, Germany, UK, but some time growth rate slowdown because of their economy, which affect huge to poor Indian art makers. 

Export of handicraft is an advantage for buyer and sellers around the world, but due to up down of trade policies between countries, artists face many problem selling their products, thanks to Ecommerce, now artisans focus domestic market to sell their products. 



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