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Handloom, Odisha -

For a country as diversified as India, it is obvious that each state has its own culture that reflects heavily on the designs and patterns emerging from it. Odisha, is no exception. Its rich cultural diversity, values, motifs and local talents reflects extensively on its popular products in the textile industry. Locals will tell you that Odisha is quickly emerging as the hub for fabrics, apparel designs and handloom.  The handloom sector in Odisha arguably is one of the largest employers in the state. Odiya artisans are known to possess skills and artistry that has been inherited unhampered for generations....

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Habaspuri, Handloom, Saree -

  Habaspuri is a cotton based traditional handloom saree. Habaspuri saree is a unique and special piece for it's uniqueness in weaving, design.  Mostly Habaspuri saree comes in cotton fabric and traditional designs of Kandha tribes like Kumbha(temple design), fish, Buti, flowers are woven in saree. The main attraction is the pallu. This saree named after the Habaspur village of Kalahandi district and they used the saree as bridal wear.From the village Ugrasen Meher first weaved the Habaspuri traditional handloom saree . Now very few  weavers family weaved these traditional saree. Save the weavers.

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Dongria, Handloom, Odisha -

Dongria is on of the Indian Handloom Sarees of Odisha or Orissa which is famous due to unique tribal design and quality of fabric.  This kondh sari comes with different colours which attracts buyers around the world.

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Handloom, Nuapatna -

Nuapatna is a village within Cuttack district of Odisha. If you have no idea about Odisha Map, this famous village of sarak and weavers is located at a distance of 70 KM from Odisha Capital Bhubaneswar. As per history of ikat weaving Nuapatna involved on weaving date back from 12th Century A.D. when weavers produce Gita Govinda Khandua and offer them to Lord Jagarnnath, Puri. Most of the population here depends on work related to weaving of sarees and other products, about 10 to 20 % individuals started and running businesses which directly or indirectly depends on handloom industry. As...

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Handloom, Saree -

Everyone Knows Traditional Handloom saree came from many different regions in India and saree is such a lovely garment which is weaved with many threads of tradition within Indian culture. Every state has its own various collection of traditional fabrics. Famous Indian Handwoven saree is weaved and crafted in special way by using different threads and embroidery techiniques. From childhood we always see our grandmothers, Mother, aunt or big sisters always in sarees and they look stunning and beautiful in it.  Let us look at our Traditional Indian saree. 1. Sambalpuri saree 2. Bomkai  saree 3. Baluchari saree 4. Banarasi...

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