Nuapatna: A Place known for IKAT and Khandua Cotton Silk Odisha Handloom Product

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Nuapatna: A Place known for IKAT and Khandua Cotton Silk Odisha Handloom Product

Nuapatna is a village within Cuttack district of Odisha. If you have no idea about Odisha Map, this famous village of sarak and weavers is located at a distance of 70 KM from Odisha Capital Bhubaneswar.

As per history of ikat weaving Nuapatna involved on weaving date back from 12th Century A.D. when weavers produce Gita Govinda Khandua and offer them to Lord Jagarnnath, Puri.

Most of the population here depends on work related to weaving of sarees and other products, about 10 to 20 % individuals started and running businesses which directly or indirectly depends on handloom industry.

As per orissa govt , we have 1,92,000 weavers and 43000 handlooms in our state. These weavers combine have 1100 cooperative societies within clusters, which includs Nuapatna.

Nuapatna alone have more than 5000 weavers and more than 2000 handlooms which gives a big boost to the Indian handwoven export.

But you must be not aware of the fact that due to negligence of bank, govt and middleman, all of the weavers are running their family within a limited income of 2000-4000 Rupees.


Here we can find design and products like:

Cotton Saree, Silk Sarees, Khandua Ikkat, Dupattas, Gitagovinda, Tarabali, Nabakothari or nabakothi, Dehabandha, Kargil, Jharana, Hico, 3-D Design, Konark chakra design etc.

National Merit Certificate winners, National awardee and Santa Kabir Award Winners:

  • Sudam Guin
  • Sarat Patra
  • Surendra Patra
  • Sahadev Patra
  • Mayadhar Das
  • Susanta Kumar Behera
  • Shyam Sundar Karan (Maniabandha)

    Weaving technique of tie and dye made Nuapatna a known place for saree and handloom shoppers. Here all the family members involve them in weaving process in different stages from collecting threads, designing, coloring, weaving and marketing of the products.

    Near by Area and villages involved on Weaving are:

    • Muktanagar
    • Birabarpur
    • Abhimanpur
    • Kankadajodi
    • Maniabandha

    Govt of Odisha has setup clusters to develop handloom industry at different places of state, but still the life of saraka still in trouble due to lower income. Slowly one by one youngsters leaving village to work in metro cities to earn and live a good life.

    But why? Is it not possible to stop them?

    Main reason of this lower income is marketing of products which still in the hand of middleman and mahajans of Nuapatna and maniabandha. Another one is complete manual work which is time consuming, due to which cost of product rising at rocket price.

    We need to bring up ideas to save time before threads goes to loom, it may be coloring, warping thread or designing. We personally feel very sad to see the woking area of designers and weavers, it must be changed.

    Stores where You can shop these products: 

    • Odisha Saree Store
    • Boyonika
    • Odikala
    • Utkalamitra
    • Priyadarishini
    • Gocoop
    • Odisha Handloom

    Slowly we observed that many talented designers also stopping the age old art and becoming middlemen to sell the saree and dress pieces at markets of cities like Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi and many more. This is a danger to art industry, becuase when a talented worker stop this art, this art work will not pass to the next generation, which will bring low quality products and finally nuapatna will see the same fate like Siminoi or Kotpad weaving.

    Wear Handloom and Support Weavers.

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