Fashionable outfit trends for Winter Season Brides in India

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Fashionable outfit trends for Winter Season Brides in India

Now that the winter is here it means that the marriage season is here in India as well. In the northern parts of India the chill during the winter season can be really bad. If you are a bride however you have to look good on the big day. There can be no two ways about it and at the same time you cannot feel the chill either. The best things that you can try in this season are the full sleeve blouses and silhouettes. The best clothing materials to be worn on this special day at this time of the year are raw silk and other thick fabrics such as velvet. At least that is what the experts would tell you as well.

Long churidar sleeves

Designers Anita Ojha and Osman Sajida feel that there are plenty of benefits of this dress. They look really elegant and at the same time they offer other aesthetic benefits such as covering your arms. More than anything else they keep the arms warm. In fact, they tell you that if you are going for ethnic wear on these days such as saris, salwar kameezes, anarkalis, and lehengas you should definitely opt for full sleeves.

Embellished blouses

Those ornate blouses in materials such as thick fabrics such as velvet might make a fool of you during the summer season but you can trust them with your eyes closed during the winter season for sure. At the same time they will also help you get the attention that you need. You can go for short lehenga blouses and team them with full sleeves or go for a jacket like blouse with a high neck.    

Biruska's marriage ceremony in this winter


Layering is something that you can try on this day as well. This is especially applicable in case of clothes such as dupattas. They look really stunning when layered. Apart from that they block out the wind as well and help you keep warm. They do this by blocking out the chilly wind.

Jacket lehenga choli

This is also a highly valuable option considering the fact that this kind of clothing is highly in vogue these days.

Warm fabrics in general

It is always better to go for warm fabrics in this season. The most obvious choice would be to opt for sheer and net fabrics but they are better suited to the summer. If you are marrying in the winter it is always better to go for warm fabrics such as silk and velvet. The best thing about all this is that you do not need to worry about the fashion quotient since lehenga cholis in these materials are already back in fashion. 

Attention on the footwear

Apart from your outfit it is also better to focus on footwear. You can wear booties that are a little bit on the higher side. This will make sure that your feet would still look stunningly beautiful and at the same time you will not freeze. In this case you can always go for options such as Khussa shoes. You can buy them in bright colors and with ornamentation such as pearls, beads, sequins, and various glittery elements. In case you want ethnic fashion-wear you can go for ballet shoes as well.


Odhanis are also a great option around this time of the year. Once again you can go for these wraps in materials such as velvet and deck them with up embellishments such as embroidery. Beautiful borders can be used as well. In case you already have a dupatta on your head then you can also think of a second drape with an odhani that can hang loosely around your blouse. 



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