Kota sarees- A Beautiful Handloom Indian saree to flaunt

Kota sarees- A Beautiful Handloom Indian saree to flaunt

Kota sarees are also known as kota doria, and sometimes spelled as kota doriya too. The name comes from Kota, Rajasthan where these sarees are traditionally made. These sarees are made at Muhammadabad Gohna in Mau, Uttar Pradesh as well as elsewhere surrounding the region. These sarees are normally made from silk and pure cotton. They also have khats – patterns that are shaped like squares. Kota sarees are also liked by people because of their chequered weaving style. They weigh quite little and the weaves are pretty fine as well.

History of these sarees

These sarees were earlier known as Masuria since it was in Mysore that they were woven. Rao Kishore Singh, a general of the Mughal army, brought these weavers to Shada, which happens to be a small town in Kota. This happened over two centuries – late 17th and early 18th. These sarees soon became famous as Kota-Masuria.

Style of weaving

Kota Doria sarees are woven on pit looms that have been used traditionally for these sarees. The weaving is done in such a way that a pattern of square checks is produced on the surface of the cloth. The checks are delicately wrought and are known colloquially as khats. After the initial weaving is done the sarees are smeared with rice paste and onion juice with plenty of care. This is done in the context of the yarn in order to make sure that it is strong enough to not need any extra finishing.


In Kota these sarees are popularly referred to as Masuria and outside the state they are known as Kota Doria. The term Doria means thread. One of the leading producers of these sarees is Rajasthan Handloom Development Corporation (RHDC). It has also made it possible to create silk sarees on the Masuria handlooms. Kota sarees stand out for their individuality that is heightened by the border patches as well as the bit of embroidery that you get to see on them. This is one reason why these sarees are so exclusive.

Top brands

These days, there are plenty of brands that are selling kota sarees. Some of the leading brands could be mentioned over here:

  • Bhelpuri
  • Bunkar
  • Chhabra 555
  • Jashn
  • pinkshink
  • Pavechas
  • Rajnandini
  • Sanjhi
  • Suvastram
  • Vogue Era

Prices of these sarees

The prices of these sarees – like any other product for that matter – depend on the class of saree as well as the service provider in question. They can be available in price categories such as INR 559 to INR 850, INR 874 to INR 1222, INR 1281 to INR 2099, and INR 2159 to INR 3937.


These sarees are available in all colours that you can think of. However, some of the most-popular ones that may be mentioned over here are as follows:

  • pink
  • beige
  • blue
  • orange
  • red
  • yellow
  • green
  • purple
  • peach
  • black
  • white
  • cream
  • maroon
  • magenta
  • turquoise blue
  • turquoise
  • sea green
  • off white
  • mustard
  • gold
  • brown
  • olive
  • multi-coloured
  • lavender
  • coral

Discounts on these sarees

You can also get discounts on these sarees. The discounts normally come in several categories such as 70 per cent, 60 per cent, 50 per cent, 40 per cent, 30 per cent, and 20 per cent. However, you need to keep a simple thing in mind. You will only be getting these discounts on the internet. There is very-little chance that you would get such discounts offline other than on special occasions.



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