Kantha Saree - An embroidery stitch technique of West Bengal

Kantha Saree - An embroidery stitch technique of West Bengal

Kantha Sari is very much famous sari in India and other south Asian country like Bangladesh.

This Kantha Sari is very much famous because of this embroidery work of these saris. These embroidery works of the saris are traditionally created by women in Bengal and some others states like Odisha and in some other countries like Bangladesh.

The name of the sari Kantha Sari is because of the name of the embroidery, as the name of the embroidery is Kantha then the name of the sari in which the Kantha embroidery is Kantha sari.

Kantha is the very popular form of embroidery practised by women in the rural arias Odisha, west Bengal and Bangladesh.

This traditional form of Kantha embroidery was done on soft dhotis and saris. And with a simple running stitch along the edges these saris are looking very beautiful.

Depending on the use of the finished product on these saris these wear divided in to two categories one is Lepkantha another is Sujni Kantha.

This Kantha embroidery work is not only used for producing saris, this Kantha embroidery is also used in women's shawls and for creating covers for mirrors, boxes, and pillows and in so many other things these Kantha embroidery is used.

As the entire cloth is covered with running stitches, and the whole part of the cloth is designed by beautiful motifs of flowers, animals, birds and geometrical shapes, and the themes are inspired from everyday activities the products of those are produced are very beautiful and people like these products very much.

By the stitching on the cloth, it gates a slight wrinkled, wavy effect which effect makes unique the products, So contemporary Kantha embroidery work is applied to a wider range of garments such as sarees, dupatta and other cloths of women and also in shirts and other colths of men.

Both men and women like the Kantha embroidery and use various Kantha embroidery products.



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