Indian beauty Manushi Chillar’s Miss World Journey

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Indian beauty Manushi Chillar’s Miss World Journey

The year 2017 had been a remarkable one for many reasons and one of them is the fact that the much coveted crown for Miss World was won by an Indian beauty. It happened after 17 years when Priyanka Chopra won the title in the year2000. This time, Haryana girl Manushi Chillar won the title. Haryana is infamous for its highest female feticide rate. Hailing from such a place and rising to such height is no mean feat. It is quite but natural that this journey from Rohtak to Sanya in China where the competition was held, was not an easy one. So let us take a look at this journey of her.

Born to doctor parents, Manushi was a brilliant student from early St Thomas’ School in New Delhi. She was an English topper in all India CBSE exams for Class XII. She is culturally inclined and is trained in Kuchipudi dance under the dancing legends Kaushalya Reddy and Raja and Radha Reddy. She has attended National School of Drama as well. At present she is studying medicine at Bhagat Phool Singh Medical College situated in Sonipat. This is a simple bio of the ravishing character called Manushi Chillar whose life took a sudden turn when she came to know about the beauty pageant of Miss India.

If you see her in her pictures in her pre-modeling days, you may not recognize her. A bespectacled plain Jane next door girl in the picture is far from the poised and calm lady that we see today as Miss World 2017. She had the intellect but had to undergo major grooming and styling sessions. Her incredible grit, indomitable spirit and sheer will power met professional coaching by the experts from Miss India franchise helped her in her successful transformation. Miss world Manushi Chhillar

She took her baby steps to modeling with participating in Miss India contest representing her state Haryana which she won. It is quite amazing to know that prior to the participation in this contest, she kept herself to studies, dance, and poetry. Her first tryst with modeling won her Miss Haryana and then Miss India competition. In between she bagged awards like Miss Photogenic, became a semifinalist in different modeling competitions like Top Model, Multimedia and People’s Choice. She co-won the title competition for Beauty with a Purpose.

And while preparing for Miss India and World pageantry, she was constantly shuttling between her studies, training sessions, fitness sessions and what not. It is said that for having a Cindrella aspect in your life, you have to sweep cinders. It is true for Manushi as well. She woke up long before her roommates. This was her slot for work out, following that she attended the classes. Post classes, she would indulge in other activities as preparation for the competition and study till late night. Her hard work and dedication won her Miss Haryana and Miss India titles. However, she took a gap of a year to participate in Miss World contest.

Her family firmly believes in the importance of education and being a part of entertainment or associated industries is unheard of. She is the first one in her family to do so. She still aspires to be a gynecologist and she has already started Project Shakti, an awareness program for menstrual hygiene. It also works on creating job opportunities to empower rural women financially. This is one cause she believes in from the deepest core of her heart and she utilized her first opportunity as soon as she had the power to put her heart and soul to this cause.



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