Habaspuri traditional handloom saree of Kalahandi.

Habaspuri, Handloom, Saree -

Habaspuri traditional handloom saree of Kalahandi.

Habaspuri saree


Habaspuri is a cotton based traditional handloom saree.

Habaspuri saree is a unique and special piece for it's uniqueness in weaving, design.

 Mostly Habaspuri saree comes in cotton fabric and traditional designs of Kandha tribes like Kumbha(temple design), fish, Buti, flowers are woven in saree. The main attraction is the pallu.

This saree named after the Habaspur village of Kalahandi district and they used the saree as bridal wear.

From the village Ugrasen Meher first weaved the Habaspuri traditional handloom saree .

Now very few  weavers family weaved these traditional saree.

Save the weavers.



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