GST on Handloom Industry of India

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GST on Handloom Industry of India

Indian handloom industry got a big news when our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi apply GST on it. All major handloom clusters having trouble to adjust with this situation.

We know this old trade already facing major issues for marketing the product, during this time this is another bad news for all weavers.

As the price rise for GST, most of the weavers, sellers, retailers, and wholesalers facing problem to market them, because it is not easy to convince an Indian customer that Price rise is the effect from GST.

Fights still going from all corners of India by handloom societies and clusters, but nothing seems to change very soon. 

Anyway, Weavers are in hope and waiting to see a light at the end of the tunnel before all family members die. 

 Effect of GST on Handloom Industry



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