Dhenkanal Laxmi Puja: Celebration of Eleven Days | ଢେଙ୍କାନାଳ ଲଷ୍ମୀ ପୂଜା

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Dhenkanal Laxmi Puja: Celebration of Eleven Days | ଢେଙ୍କାନାଳ ଲଷ୍ମୀ ପୂଜା

Odisha is known for rich tradition and culture, which you can see from Puri Jagarnnath Temple, unique art work whether for handloom or handicrafts.

Apart from above each of the 30 district of Odisha comes up with its own heritage, festivals, tourist places and mouth watering foods.

This time we will cover Maa Gajalaxmi Puja of Dhenkanal, which starts each year on Kumara Purnima and celebrated for 11 days.

Laxmi Puja


Entire town from Korian By Pass to College Chaka, Mahisapata to Similia, Kantanali to Kaibalya Bazaar decorated with light and gates like marriage ceremony of a King. 

If you pass by City Puja pandals you can see more than 50 Puja Mandaps all over Dhenkanal. Here each Market area has there own committee and each of them start decoration before one month of actual Start day of this eleven days festival.

List of Gajalaxmi Pujas are:

  • Ganesh Bazaar
  • Laxmi Bazaar
  • Meena Bazaar
  • Kaibalya Bazaar
  • Bus Stand
  • Station Bazaar
  • College Square
  • Kantanali
  • Mahabir Bazaar
  • Kanchan Bazar
  • Kunjakanta
  • Mandapasahi
  • Jawahar Chauk
  • Chandan Bazaar
  • Mahisapat
  • Baladiabandha
  • Korian Bypass


  • Palishree Mela
  • Rama Doli
  • Bhajan Samaraho
  • Thunkapuri
  • Orchestra and Dance
  • Light Gates
  • Cheap Toy Market infront of Stadium
  • Low price various flower for home decor
  • Puja Pandals
  • Chau Nacha, Sambalpuri, Ghoda Dance
  • Bhasani

Everyone excited for the 11 days long Yatra which start with taking Mati from Idol making and continue till the Grand Vasani which is the best part of DHENKANAL MAHALAXMI PUJA

Each Pujo Comittee started making idols and GATEs approximately before 20 days. As per our discussion with local men and women what we observe, each year everyone waiting for the festival.

Each BAZAAR collects donation from every house, shop and businesses present at DHENKANAL TOWN, generally chanda amount ranges from 2000 to 5000 rupees for house and shops.

 IDOL Making In Progress. See below

Idol Making at Dhenkanal



Parallel to Idol Process, each Pandals start making Toran, Gate made with Bomboo and Light.

Gate of Laxmi Puja Dhenkanal



Apart from Gajalaxmi Puja, there are other attractions present near our city.

  • Kapilash Temple
  • Sai Mandir
  • Joranda Gadi
  • Saptasajya
  • Palace



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