Accessories to wear in this Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

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Accessories to wear in this Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja is just arrival within few days, it falls on August 13th this year and bring a festival environment in the air for 11 days. Everyone is eagerly awaited for this day and people starts decoration in advance. As we know Bappa loves to eat a Sweet dish called Modak which is a Maharastrian sweet dish, now a days in every household modak is prepared.

Lord Ganesh


On that special day every member of family wears New clothes and feel happy. While you choose try to drape some traditional wear like a Silk saree or Nauvari saree with right accessories to get the perfect look.

Here are few accessories that you can choose on this festival.

Bangles always add a charm in any ethnic wear. You can wear a dozen of them or just one or three and four. Many women's wear matching multiple bangles with their costume colors. You can also choose various designs of Kadas that are thicker than bangles and have various types of stone in them. Pearl bangles, Metallic bangles, Glass bangles you can choose which matches to your outfit color.

For a girl's earring's is the most important accessories to make an impression. Depending on your face, you can choose jumkas, pearl earrings, feather earrings, stone earrings, dhokra earrings etc. Pick the light weight earring's otherwise your ears may start to hurt after some time. So start shopping the matching earrings and look more glam on this festive occasion.

In every festival we always gives more attention to our face and hands but you can accessorize your feet with lovely payal. For feet payal is th etraditional wear so we suggest to wear payal with small ghungroo in them that clink together as you walk. Don't wear heavy one.

As an Indian traditional outfit if you don't put bindi it looks incomplete and it is the beautiful accessory for your forehead. You can wear the bindi which can shoot to your face and always wear matching bindi that can be big or small.

Indian Outfit:
In Ganesh Chaturthi festival every girl's, women's wants to look more beautiful that's way on this special day they loves to wear New traditional Silk saree on the first day and men's love to wear traditional Kurta.

So this Ganesh Chaturthi festival glam up your outfit by adding these accessories to it.
Happy Ganesh Puja.



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