10 types of struggles every young Indian girl faces when she wears a sari for the first time

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10 types of struggles every young Indian girl faces when she wears a sari for the first time

Most girls try out their first hand in wearing a saree around the time they are in their early teen years.

The experience of trying out a saree is more often than not troublesome, making it difficult for the girl to even properly manage a single evening to wear the saree and look the best.

While it may seem like a piece of cake to watch others wear the saree and walk with grace, doing the same oneself can seem to be an insurmountable challenge. Here are some of the struggles that a young girl can face while wearing a saree for the first time.

  • One of the major problems that many girls face is being able to get a blouse that fits perfectly. While getting a saree from elder sister’s or mom’s wardrobe is one thing, finding a blouse that also matches the current needs perfectly can be a bit of a challenge. After all, during early teens one is hardly sure if she is going to wear the saree ever again in the future.
  • Adjusting into one’s own mother’s petticoat can also be a bit of a bother, particularly when the young girl still has many years to grow into full maturity. This not only makes walking comfortably a major difficulty but also feeling good with what one is wearing a farfetched concept.
  • Many girls who are wearing a saree for the first time find their sense of confidence in a fleeting frenzy as they wonder whether to show off their tummy or simply cover themselves up from the top to the bottom.
  • Another problem that young girls face while choosing to wear a saree for the first time is decide on the accessories that would make her look best in a social occasion. While a girl might fall in love with the whole collection of necklaces and jhumkis that she may find near her, she can never be quite sure whether she is overdoing it or need to tone it down a little.
  • While an elder member of the family may have provided with valuable tips on how to drape a saree properly, in reality the girl may find it really difficult to work with the pleats and fabrics, losing them again and again until she has finally found a way to keep them together all in place.
  • In some occasions, the girl may find that she has worn the saree successfully from the beginning to the end, only to find that certain elements of the saree are really not in the places they should ideally be. This makes it necessary to start the whole process of wearing the saree all over again.
  • The safety pins that have been used to pin and tuck the saree in its place can also be a bother, pricking on the skin and giving rise to red patches.
  • Much to the disappointment of the girl, she may find out that walking with a saree is much more difficult than it originally seemed. In fact, unlike the actresses in music videos, it is barely possible for her to move with much flexibility. The best thing that the young girl can actually manage is a dainty walk across the wedding floor.
  • Once in the location of the event, the girl might also feel hesitant to move too much with her saree on as she might feel that this can ruin the draping.

The choice of shoes can also make walking relatively easier or difficult after wearing a saree. It is therefore necessary to pick the most comfortable shoes during this special day of wearing saree for the first time.



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