10 Different Types of Indian Bridal Outfits Colour

10 Different Types of Indian Bridal Outfits Colour

Though wedding involves both bride and the groom, it is always the bride who takes the centre stage. It is said to be her day, everyday seems to be interested in what she wore, how she looked and even the bride-to-be turns out to be the one spending so much thoughts about everything regarding the most special day. So here is a write up on another bride-centric topic- top 10 Indian bridal outfit colors. And the grooms- don’t lose heart because the lady enjoying all the limelight is doing everything to look best for you.

  1. Red- This is the color of bride. In Indian context, red is auspicious for a married woman so red bridal trousseau is regarded as the best one. Whether the bride is wearing lehenga, Benarasi saree, or salwar kameez- red tops the list of Indian bridal outfit colors. Even if the wedding dress is not in red, the bride ensures she wears this color on at least in reception. Red is deeply entwined with our traditions and will continue to reign the theme of Indian wedding.
  2. Pink- The modern Indian bride who moved on from red mostly stick to this color. Different shades of pink are popular in bridal outfit but baby pink rules the list. This is the color for the brides who are modern yet traditional to some extent. It gives softness and vulnerability to the look of bride which is the reflection of her mental state at that hour.
  3. Golden- This is one of the trendiest colors that have entered into the palette of bridal wears. Golden stands for everything exuberant and glamorous. When the bridal wants to look elegant, confident and glamorous, she opts for this color. It merges with the grandeur of the entire setting. Bridal wear dresses
  4. Maroon- This is the closest alternative to red. Brides-to-be, who do not like red but want a shade of it due to its auspicious connection to the wedding, prefer maroon. This is why you get a lot of options to choose from when you go for shopping for the bridal attire.
  5. White- In many cultures, white is not regarded as auspicious but in Christian wedding and Kerala, white trousseau is worn. So, the entire country has moved on from that thought and we get to see a pretty bride in white lehenga. However, pure white saree devoid of any color is yet not accepted, other than Christian weddings.
  6. Blue- Blue is also a popular color when it comes to bridal outfit. There is a myriad of shades- from pale pastel to bright royal and dark midnight. With proper accessories, a blue bride can be conveniently the best looking woman of the night.
  7. Peach- This soft color is preferred by both modern and conventional brides. It is soft color and stands contrast to all the grandiose atmosphere that Indian wedding stands for.
  8. Classic Champagne- Like golden, this color tops the list of trendy and modern wedding trousseau colors. This is such a popular color that it is preferred by both bride and the groom. With little shimmer added to this, a surreal aura is created.
  9. Green- Green is another traditional color in Indian wedding as it stands for prosperity and fertility. In many cultures, green bangles are mandatory for the bride and other married women. So, many brides prefer traditional look in different shades of green.
  10. Yellow- Yellow is reflection of joyous mood. And when bride wears it for wedding, it exudes the same mood. She enters her new life with a positive note for herself as well as everybody around her.



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