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Berhampur, Odisha, Tourism -

Berhampur is known as silk city of Odisha. Most of the youngsters do not even know the importance of it as the trade of weaving diminishing day by day. We invite all of you visit and see the beauty of handloom and the natural beauty of tourist places surrounding the Town. Let's start Gopalpur Beach One of the best place to hangout with friends and relatives. This beach is the 2nd largest beach of Odisha as per footfall of tourist.  

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Handloom, Odisha -

For a country as diversified as India, it is obvious that each state has its own culture that reflects heavily on the designs and patterns emerging from it. Odisha, is no exception. Its rich cultural diversity, values, motifs and local talents reflects extensively on its popular products in the textile industry. Locals will tell you that Odisha is quickly emerging as the hub for fabrics, apparel designs and handloom.  The handloom sector in Odisha arguably is one of the largest employers in the state. Odiya artisans are known to possess skills and artistry that has been inherited unhampered for generations....

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Draping, Saree -

Most girls try out their first hand in wearing a saree around the time they are in their early teen years. The experience of trying out a saree is more often than not troublesome, making it difficult for the girl to even properly manage a single evening to wear the saree and look the best. While it may seem like a piece of cake to watch others wear the saree and walk with grace, doing the same oneself can seem to be an insurmountable challenge. Here are some of the struggles that a young girl can face while wearing a...

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Kota sarees are also known as kota doria, and sometimes spelled as kota doriya too. The name comes from Kota, Rajasthan where these sarees are traditionally made. These sarees are made at Muhammadabad Gohna in Mau, Uttar Pradesh as well as elsewhere surrounding the region. These sarees are normally made from silk and pure cotton. They also have khats – patterns that are shaped like squares. Kota sarees are also liked by people because of their chequered weaving style. They weigh quite little and the weaves are pretty fine as well. History of these sarees These sarees were earlier known...

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